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GNLC Tenkara
GNLC Hightower x GNLC Adorn

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GNLC Tenkara

Own son of Hightower from the amazing GNLC breeding program of Steve and Sue Rolfing in Montana.  This gentle giant  was 45.5" at withers and 72" at poll at 15 months!!  He combines the best attributes of size, bone, conformation, athletic build, and fiber that we love.  Putting him to work in 2019.


GNLC Hightower

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GC Peruvian Expedition
Maximo PC-1 X LaQuita
Outcross Full Peruvian Suri

Incredible outcross Peruvian son of Peruvian Maximo who has produced exception suri cria for us for years.  We showed him successfully for years, now we just enjoy him and his cria for as long as he graces our farm.


Maximo PC-1
Outcross Import Peruvian Suri